• Parkville Chamber Gives Back Foundation - a 501(c)(3) Organization

  • Beginning in 2011, the Parkville Area Chamber of Commerce (PACC) selected one charity each year (through an application process) to support both financially and through community involvement.  Between 2011 and 2019, the Chamber was able to donate over $73,000 and many hours of community service to nine different local charities.  These funds, which were dispersed annually, were raised through our "Fund The Need" auction held during our annual Gala, as well as the other fundraising efforts sponsored by the Chamber.
    2020 saw a change in this program as we launched "PACC Gives Back".  This program was instituted to help make a bigger monthly impact for the more immediate needs of those charities which have a local impact in Platte County.  The monthly donation recipient is chosen from the charities that apply for assistance during the month.  Our donation budget for 2020-2021 allowed for a maximum monthly donation of $500, which we were able to accomplish with your donations.  Many charities suffered during the pandemic and welcomed the assistance we were able to provide.
    In order to continue this funding in 2022, the Parkville Chamber Gives Back Foundation was created in 2021, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, to allow our donors the opportunity to support charities and receive a tax receipt for their donation.  Our goal is to increase monthly charity donations with the continued support of our members and area communities. 
    Listed below are the qualifications for donation approval and the application can be found here, ParkvilleChamber.com/charity-of-choice
    Qualifications for Donation Approval - 
    • The organization must be non-profit
    • The organization must have a local impact in Platte County
    • The organization must have a short-term funding need for a specific purpose or program (i.e., new computer, scholarship, broken refrigerator, etc.)