• Hopkins Distinguished Service Award Nomination

  • The annual Hopkins Distinguished Service Award was established to recognize extraordinary contributions to enhance the quality of life and general reputation of the community of Parkville. Its purpose is to encourage excellence in community stewardship and to inspire others.

    Eligibility, Selection, and Guidelines for Making Nominations

    The primary criteria to be considered include:

    • Involved in business, community, or public service in the Parkville area over an extended period of time.
    • A proven commitment to doing business in the Parkville area.
    • Dedication to business and the broader community.
    • Demonstration of business leadership and sound business practices
    • Has shown a clear commitment to the Parkville business community with an emphasis on volunteerism and leadership over an extended period of time.
    • Doesn't have to be a current Chamber member.

    Nominations are accepted by resume/application from the membership at large and selected by a special committee appointed by the Chamber President. Nominees include all previously nominated individuals.

    Past Award Winners:

    2008 - Debbie Hopkins

    2009 - Deborah Butcher

    2010 - Jim McCall

    2011 - Marvin Ferguson

    2012 - Tim Rice

    2013 - Linda Arnold

    2014 - Ed Bradley

    2015 - Denise McPherson

    2017 - Kevin Heaton

    2018 - Kathy Dusenbery

    2019 - Dale Brouk

    2021 - Dave Rittman

    Deadline for nominations is December 31, 2023

    Click here for online form.

  • 2013-deb-hokins-award-w160.jpg
  • Dale Brouk
    2019 Hopkins Award Recipient